Hi – The best indication of what I’m about is the “Posts” page – this site concerns philosophy, psychology, and literary theory. The best posts so far are probably “The Mind Ouroboros” and “Koestler Reloaded”.

The more purely philosophical posts are –

Relationalism,     Ontology,    and    Dialectics.

My philosophy of mind is dealt with in –

The Mind Ouroboros.

My literary-theoretical work is in the posts –

Aesthetics,    Koestler Reloaded,    Structuralist Poetics and the New Criticism,

and    Maximization.

Two additional pieces are –

Classifying Informal Logical Fallacies, (a sort of appendix to the Rhetoric page),

and   Main Fiction Film Genres (a fairly throwaway indulgence of my love of diagramming).

Rhetoric is on a separate page. It is a project I’ve been working on for many years, but only recently decided to transplant materials here. The presentation of the Rhetoric project should become more substantial soon, and the lock-on between the ideas in my literary theory and the taxonomy of rhetorical devices rendered more transparent.

A sample of my own verse is here.

This site is not really a blog, (though it takes advantage of wordpress’s tech., which has been very easy to work with and I would kinda recommend for similar projects); all articles are being revised and added to all the time, so the dates of articles have little significance. New articles get added and existing articles divided or synthesized, but the articles form a whole system which should become increasingly well-articulated as time goes on.

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