Main Fiction Film Genres

Genre Film FictionHere’s my breakdown of fiction film genres – part of my penchant for diagramming. I try to put like with like. It might be of interest to English or Media teachers, film buffs, or anyone, really. Feel free to comment or criticize. I’ve looked through different lists of the main genres, and glanced at the listings. There are all sorts of crossovers possible – comedy with practically anything else – and there’s a lot of overlappiness; the diagram is not, if you like, grammatical, or properly formalized. When I was an English teacher, I always felt like I was mentioning genres off the top of my head, so a bit of the impulse to do this comes from that experience.

I think genres are towards the “unformalizable” end of the spectrum of objects of enquiry: they are by nature fluid, dynamic, historical, and subject to the chance paths that human creativity takes. However, the activity of diagramming, for this sort of diagram essentially putting like with like, leads to insights and self-clarifications. Perhaps the diagram is never finished, so I welcome anyone to alter it or develop it.

UPDATE: The only thing I’ve come across recently that might be added would be “teen movie”, which can be very overlappy with, for example, comedy, romantic comedy, or horror.


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My main interests are philosophy, psychology and semiotics.
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