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On Russian Formalism

“We do not see the walls of our rooms”  Victor Shklovsky Russian Formalism began in the immediately pre-revolutionary period in Russia, developed through the revolutionary and post-revolutionary periods, receiving some negative criticisms from within the new communist regime, most notably from … Continue reading

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Structuralist Poetics and the New Criticism

Re-reading Jonathan Culler’s seminal Structuralist Poetics last summer, I was pleasantly surprised to note that in the chapter on Poetics of the Lyric, (the chapter most at the focus of my own concerns), Culler seemed to indicate that after the … Continue reading

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__________________________________________________________ “A poetic text is ‘semantically saturated’, condensing more ‘information’ than any other discourse; but whereas for modern communication theory in general an increase in ‘information’ leads to a decrease in ‘communication’ (since I cannot ‘take in’ all that you … Continue reading

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Koestler Reloaded

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.” Arthur Koestler I’ve had an interest in Koestler’s theories of creativity for many years – as a young man, one of the books … Continue reading

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Main Fiction Film Genres

Here’s my breakdown of fiction film genres – part of my penchant for diagramming. I try to put like with like. It might be of interest to English or Media teachers, film buffs, or anyone, really. Feel free to comment … Continue reading

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Introduction This article will give an overview of my approach to aesthetics and creativity, with a focus on literary theory and poetics. Down to the “Under Construction” notice the article has been translated out of my own private language into English; below … Continue reading

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